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Víressë: Letter from Leoba to Dirk (unsent)

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Pelargir, Víressë

My dear love, 

It has been too long since I last held you close.  I miss you most dreadfully and no amount of southern sunshine can compare with the warmth of your body wrapped around mine.  

Your letter worried me. Because I know that you are suffering and wish that I could be there to look after you, to protect you through the nightmares and stroke all the fears away.  I cannot believe for a moment that you are as wholly black as you fear. Whilst you are yet capable of loving me – and I see no denial of that truth – there remains good in your soul and whilst you are loved, always hope.  Please think of me when times are dark and remember that I will keep on loving you until the very ends of time. 

I am well. I know you would want to know.  And I am safe here with my brother’s family in Pelargir.  The most fearsome thing that happens in this city these days is blocked drains though, believe me, that can be pretty scary stuff!  I am well employed helping with the veritable army of small children that my sister in law has produced. I have of course told them tall tales of my brave and handsome knight errant. The girls wanted me to draw them a picture but I am a lousy artist (although the image of you in my mind’s eye is as fresh as ever), so they have had to settle for stories and songs. 

I know that you understand how vital the ties to family are and I am so pleased you have managed to spend time with your father and foster brothers (oh how, when I read that, I wished that you had sent me to stay with them after all, as we once deliberated). 

I shall send this via the Mithril Knights’ Greenwood Guildhouse in hopes that there is someone there who can speed my letter on its way to you, wherever you may be.

 Keep yourself safe, Dirk, and come home to me soonest. Until we meet again: may the Valar have you in their keeping and reunite us before many more moons have waxed and waned.


Written by leobavorima

January 30, 2013 at 4:31 pm

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  1. Leoba is very much going to regret not having sent this.


    January 30, 2013 at 9:54 pm

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