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Background Music: a brief description of Leoba’s fairly extensive family and other cast members

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Leoba’s parents (not mentioned here): Cynehild of Rohan and her husband Caranthir, a ranger of Ithilien


Siblings (4 older brothers): Culanir, Carandil, Calion and Talagir.

Culanir is a captain in the city guard of Minas Tirith. Unmarried but with a complicated infatuation with Lurea and a daughter he doesn’t know about (yet).

Carandil was a ranger. Injured in an orc attack he lost an eye and an arm and was retired on medical grounds. He lives in Pelargir with his wife, Serindë, and their small army of children in a town house that seems to be getting bigger and better staffed by the day (suspect Serindë had a good dowry). There are, at time of writing this, 8 children (6 boys and two girls) aged from 12 years down to newborn: Thorondir, boy, boy, Míriel, Taron, Rían, Thalion, Calmacil.

Calion is also a ranger, based in the region of the ruins of Osgiliath. He is married to Morwen and they have 2 children (unnamed).

Talagir is thus far a shadowy creature, never mentioned and his fate unknown. He may yet be called into play.


And then there is Turaglar, a merchant of Pelargir (with a bit of a ‘thing’ for Leoba, poor fool). His wife died many years ago and he has two grown-up daughters (in the second half of their 20s), the younger of whom is called Gilwen and is married to Tarcil of the Minas Tirith city guard (Culanir’s company).


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January 28, 2013 at 9:44 pm

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