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9 Yavannië: Letter from Leoba to Morwen

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Minas Tirith, 9 Yavannië IV3

Dear Morwen, really, I don’t mind you asking in the least: I did wonder if you had heard the rumours. I will try and explain subsequent events to you. The ‘bad times’, as you described them, although I find it a difficult story to relate both from a personal and a political viewpoint, if you understand my meaning. So if my storytelling appears a little stilted at times I hope you will forgive me.

On leaving Dale, we were invited into the Elven King’s Halls. The King of the Greenwood had a story to tell Dirk about a prophecy and about his heritage. The detail of that council is not my tale to tell but suffice to say that it disturbed Dirk profoundly and it disturbed me.  Not long after, he took off without me to face his demons alone. For a time he was possessed; that is the only word I can think of to describe his behaviour and he careered down pathways darker than any mortal man should venture down. I have never learned the whole of it other than from listening to his nightmares and those I shall never repeat to a living soul.

I came back here to Minas Tirith, in the company of Bardhwyn. She took me in and showed kindness and compassion for which I will ever be indebted. And, yes, the rumours are mainly true, although I know a lot was done to hush things up afterwards. Dirk returned, wielding a ring of power, wreathed in shadow and leading a dark army. The city guard were all brought out against him. It was horrible, truly horrible, my own brother against my l him. It was only through luck, I swear, that Dirk was stopped, through the bravery of the city’s champion challenging him in single combat and by the accidental action of a hobbit, who cut the ring from his finger. His wounds were dreadful to behold and I nursed him day and night and then when he was fit enough to face the sages of this realm I pleaded for his life. He was given his freedom and the opportunity to redeem himself and he swore to me that he would never again forsake our love.

Dirk told me afterwards that he was not attacking us but that he had come solely to take me. If he hadn’t been stopped, would I have gone without resistance? I am scared to admit, I fear in my heart of hearts that I would travel to the ends of the earth for him and that somewhere along the way many scruples would be laid aside. I think he knew that and learned from it. Which is why he forbade me to go with him this time: to try and keep me safe. I hate him and I love him for it.


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January 18, 2013 at 5:27 pm

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