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29 Ringarë: Letter from Serindë to Morwen

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Pelargir, 29 Ringarë IV3

I don’t want to curse this business, so consider this a quiet whisper over a convivial glass of wine or two (an appropriate beverage in the context). I think we may have Turaglar interested already.

The spice festival went really well. Carandil invited a few friends to join us for dinner in one of the brasseries on the harbourside later in the evening and he extended the invitation to include our vintner. Leoba was on fine form. She does scrub up nicely when she puts her mind to it and when her eyes are all afire and her hair loosed, I think even the stoniest-hearted male of the species would have to be blind not to sit up and take note. I think it safe to say that Turaglar is far from blind. He may be pushing fifty but he knows a fine filly when he sees one; he made a few comments privately to Carandil as we were walking home which indicated he had certainly noticed Leoba’s assets.

So, with one immediate success under our belt, we plotted to strike again whilst the iron was hot. Last night we hosted a soiree, nothing out of the ordinary for us, but the first we’ve held since Leoba got here. I managed to persuade her to sing for us. It was a desperately sad song, about love and loss, in the northern style she loves so much, which can be hard to take for those unused to it, but it was rendered by her beautiful alto voice into the most exquisite fairytale. Our plotting and her heartache set aside for the minute, it really is an honour and a treat to have her stay with us. Turaglar was clearly smitten. He didn’t quite have his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a rabid dog; thankfully he is far too civilised for that. However, he never took his eyes off her.

I fear Leoba barely noticed him but it is early days yet and Turaglar has only just begun to make his move. This morning, his manservant brought a little parcel arrived at the door for Leoba. At the moment I have no idea what was in it which, as you may well imagine, is driving me to distraction (I will find out!) but a step in the right direction it certainly is, and far quicker than I could have imagined!


Written by leobavorima

January 19, 2013 at 6:23 pm

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