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27 Súlìmë: Letter from Serindë to Morwen

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Pelargir, 27 Súlìmë IV4

I have calmed down. Thank you for your concern. I’m afraid I can’t really tell you if Leoba is much better. She has a steely look in her eyes at the moment but they are veiled and hard to read. Fair to say perhaps that she is bearing up.

Distraction is the key. She’s been helping me a great deal with the children, which has been a tremendous aid to me as with only a month to go now I am struggling to keep up. Carandil has promised me a nursemaid to assist with the baby when he or she comes, which with two under one year of age I will certainly need. Leoba took the three eldest out the day before yesterday to watch the new year celebrations down on the waterfront. There was a big parade right through the city centre, with the whole panoply of merchants guilds turned out in bright array, with decorated carts and stilt-walkers and acrobats. They even had an Oliphaunt amongst them, as a result of which I’ve had a troupe of children stomping around swinging their ‘trunks’ all morning. From our roof garden we could see the fireworks being sent up from boats in the middle of the river. I think they get better and better every year.

It’s a good thing that you asked about Turaglar. I have seen him but Leoba has thus far conspired to avoid him since she heard from Dirk. It’s a terribly difficult situation and I feel the most awful guilt (really I do) because he is utterly infatuated with her. What have I done?! He’s fairly persistent. He’s invited her out to dine with him, has bought a pair of tickets to a music recital and he confessed to me over coffee only the other day that he’s been brought so low as to be churning out love poetry.

I really don’t want to read Leoba the riot act. She has suffered enough. But as you and I know, Dirk has given her his blessing to marry someone else and hopefully raise a family. A stable and fruitful marriage is all we, her family, wish for her too, so it is very difficult to sit by and bite my tongue when there is a lovely gentleman right here who I know will treat her with the utmost respect and adoration and care properly for her to the end of his days. He may not set her world alight, but marriage is not all about the gratification of lust.

So, I think it’s time to notch Operation Matchmaker up a gear. I’m going to have to guilt-trip Leoba into spending time with Turaglar, in hopes that she can start to see what I see.


Written by leobavorima

January 20, 2013 at 11:24 pm

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