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24 Nénimë: Letter from Serindë to Morwen

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Pelargir, 24 Nénimë IV3

We have had a proposal! A month ahead of year’s end no less.

Turaglar visited us yesterday afternoon and asked for a private audience with Leoba. I felt awful for her actually, because she did look most uncomfortable and begged me to stay. So stay I did. Carandil was relegated to peering through the keyhole.

I sat there like a great big fat gooseberry (and to be fair, I am far enough gone with this pregnancy for the comparison to be a just one) while our merchant gave a very fair speech. He didn’t drop to one knee, but stood by the window side by side with Leoba, both of them bathed in the shafts of soft winter sunlight which shone through the casement. He took her hands in his and she stood very still and silent as he said: “I hope I am not speaking out of turn when I say that over recent months I have come to truly value your person and your friendship. Leoba, I may not be a dashing adventurer or a young man anymore but I am in love with you, if that counts for aught in this world. And I am asking you to be my wife.”

She didn’t answer to begin with and it became acutely embarrassing. Turaglar looked as though he’d like the floor tiles to swallow him up. Leoba blushed. And then she said, “I’m sorry, I can’t.. You are a good man and I thank you so much but you know I’m not free”.

Well, I was spitting feathers by this point, a bird in the hand being worth several in the bush, so to speak. But I held my tongue just about. Thankfully, she has a dedicated admirer in Turaglar. He asked her only for permission to ask her again. And to this she dumbly nodded.

So it wasn’t the best of performances, but mayhap a little seed has been sown. She hasn’t refused to see him again and in fact the pair of them were off rummaging in the dusty corners of a booksellers, only yesterday. I am giving it time. I would give so much to see her properly settled. I think that the longer she goes without a letter from her knight errant, the greater the hope that she might see some sense.


Written by leobavorima

January 19, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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