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20 Ringarë: Letter from Serindë to Morwen

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Pelargir, 20 Ringarë IV3

Morwen, you are naughty but I do like your idea rather a lot! Moreover, I may have just the chap in mind and you are right, at the absolute least it should help take Leoba’s mind off Dirk and perhaps at the best, earn ourselves a new brother-in-law.

Operation Matchmaker begins in earnest this evening because I have persuaded Leoba to join Carandil and myself at the big spice festival. It’s the place to see and be seen here in Pelargir at this time of the year. All the merchants are back from their treacherous journeys into Far Harad, the trading ships are bobbing at rest in the harbour and all the exotic goods brought back from the furthest flung corners of Arda are set out in the grand Mercers Hall. The exotic centre-piece last year was a ginormous golden statue of an many-handed god, covered in carvings and studded with jewels. One of the city senators bought it to adorn his villa; proof indeed that money cannot buy taste.

Our intended victim is Turaglar. He’s not a bad catch in fact: he has his own very prosperous vintners business and having had no wife for years to fritter away his hard earned cash, he has built himself one of the finest stone houses in our mercantile quarter. He’s fairly easy on the eye too, in spite of being a little past his prime. And according to the ladies in my sewing circle, he’s finally back on the market, after years of studiously ignoring every flirtatious young thing nearly throwing herself at him. I think it may be beyond my skills to actually persuade Leoba to set her cap at him but maybe I can make things happen the other way around. By the close of the year I am determined Turaglar will be besotted and we shall see how our sister’s resolve holds in the face of someone willing to make an honest woman of her here and now.


Written by leobavorima

January 19, 2013 at 5:27 pm

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