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3 Nénimë: Letter from Serindë to Morwen

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Pelargir, 3 Nénimë IV3

Indeed, I did find out what was in the parcel. It was I fear nothing desperately romantic: a leather-bound and antique copy of the Lay of Luthien. More tragic love; which did beg me to question quite what Turaglar was thinking. But perhaps he plays this game better than I do, because Leoba was impressed. They have been thick as thieves ever since, haunting the second-hand bookshops and antiquaries for other similar treasures. I honestly never realised that Turaglar was interested in poetry before now but he plays the part most convincingly.

Leoba hasn’t spoken to me about Turaglar in anything other than platonically friendly terms. Then again, she is playing her cards close to her chest on this one as she hasn’t really spoken much about Dirk either: there hasn’t been a single letter from lover boy since the one just after she arrived here four months ago. Based on an assessment of what you have told me, what I have gleaned from Leoba herself and what I have witnessed: Dirk clearly isn’t good enough for her. So I do feel thoroughly vindicated in encouraging Turaglar’s attentions. I haven’t overtly hinted to him of our sister’s interest but I don’t think it hurts to drop into conversation when she has mentioned his name.



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January 19, 2013 at 8:12 pm

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